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Remember how everyone thought that books were going to fade out in lieu of the digital-kind? Now we all know there’s nothing like the feeling of a book tenderly held in the palms of your hands, your fingertips caressing the edges of the page.

Similarly, there’s something truly tangible and magical about in-person dating. It’s a delightful mix of nerves, and connection that elicits the human feeling of aliveness, and that, my friends, apps cannot replicate! At Silent Connections, we’re dedicated to bringing the human back into the dating experience.

Here’s some reasons why we believe embracing real-world connections is a winning choice.

#1 Authentic Connection

Meeting someone face-to-face allows for genuine connection to be felt. All the sensations of being human are activated in these vulnerable moments of seeking connection. It’s incomparable to a through-the-screen interaction! Your senses are attuned to body language, smell, smile, laugh, the sound of their voice, all of the little things either draw you closer, or indicate that this is not a connection for you. Consuming dating apps is like trying to date through a wall in which you can’t truly feel, hear, or see the person on the other side.

#2 Chemistry & Spark

Oh, that delightful, yet elusive spark is either there or it’s not when you meet in person. You can’t capture the twinkle in the eye or the warmth of a smile beyond the surface of a profile picture. Human interaction is like adding maple syrup to your pancakes, you wouldn’t want to eat them dry, would you?

#3 Instant Feedback

In-person dating provides instant feedback! This is both intimidating, and a relief. You’ll know if there’s chemistry or not, and with this clarity you save massive amounts of time and emotional energy. Everyone wins. 

#4 Shared Experiences

Dating in person is a beautiful opportunity to share experiences with others, which is what creates lasting memories and bonds, something that app interactions cannot offer. Silent Connections is a unique experience in which you can spark lasting connections, and it’d be a damn good how’d you meet story! We met at silent dating… Now, that’s a story that will capture attention, and hearts.

#5 No Misleading Profiles

Sheesh, it happens much more that we’d like it too! No one likes to be misled. In the real world, you won’t encounter the frustration of outdated or misleading profile information. What you see is what you get. And, besides, authenticity is the sexiest. 

#6 Deeper Understanding

Meeting in person allows you to get to know your mutual compatibility on a deeper level. You can explore if your values, interests, and life goals align. And, you get a true sense of how you feel around this person. Do you feel lighter, more warmth, and joy? Or do you feel heavy, uninspired, bored, and uninterested? In-person will offer you a much deeper insight for what you are looking for in a relationship or connection.

#7 Presence

In-person dating encourages you to live in the moment and enjoy the thrill of a first date away from the distractions of your phone. That feeling of aliveness when your curiosity is mixed with nerves is deliciously palpable! Yes, it may be out of your comfort zone, but that place is often where we discover much more about ourselves and others. The aliveness fosters presence which makes way for authentic connection. We highly encourage presence. Again, this is another ultra-sexy trait. 

#8 No-Pressure

What a relief! There’s no sitting through long dinners that you no longer want to be at. Silent Connections is a positive experience. We structure the evening in a way that you get a short experience with each participant, and beyond that there is no pressure to connect or follow up. And, it’s facilitated in a way that minimises rejection, and focuses on filling up the cups of each participant with appreciation, regardless of how a connect unfolds. You get to experience a shared experience that is rewarding without any further expectations. Participants are free to determine, in a discreet way, if they want a 2nd date!

Let’s open new chapters in our dating experiences by stepping out of our comfort zones: strike up that conversation, try a Silent Connections evening, enjoy the thrill of being human! Find ways to nourish authentic connection with other humans that feel good for your heart. We promise it will be rewarding.

Written by Nina Reed : facilitator, writer, filmmaker, actor, director. 


Thanks for reading. And, remember: There is no right way to be in a relationship. Keep learning, evolving, growing and trusting. Life is love and love is life. ????

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